Yokes Deals 9/8-9/14

Yokes week of 9/8-9/14

Sweet, Large Navel Oranges: .88/lb

Bartlett or Red Starkrimson Pears: .68/lb

Fresh Express Garden Salad or Coleslaw: .98 each

Organic Broccoli: .98/lb

Hermiston Sweet Onions: .98/lb

Extra Large Tomatoes: .98/lb

Washington Grown Yukon Gold Potatoes: 3.98/10 lbs

Washington Grown Green Bell Peppers 3/$1

Hunts Spaghetti Sauce: .99 each

Banquet Frozen Dinners: 10/$10

Betty Crocker Helpers or Specialty Potatoes: 4/$5

Hot, Lean or Croissant Pockets: 5/$10

Pampers Baby Wipes: 1.98/64ct

Jumbo Split Fryer Breasts: 1.49/lb

Pork Riblets: 1.59/lb

Cross Rib Steaks: 1.99/lb

Darigold Butter: 1.99 each

Yoplait Yogurt 4-6oz: .38 each (first 6)

Floridas Natural Orange Juice: 2.59 each

Campbells soups: .59 each (chicken noodle or tomato)


Yokes store closing in Spokane Valley

Yokes out in the valley is closing down, which means great deals for you!  It is the store on Sprague almost out to Sullivan in Spokane Valley

Here is the info I received:

Bulk Foods marked down to .99 and  1.99..  some of the foods were $5-$6 a lb! Super great!  These wont last long!

Thanks to Heidi for the tip : )

Yokes Update

Just got back from Yokes. While I was there I saw that they have:

Chicken Thigh or Drumstick Value Packs (frozen): .99/lb

I bought these last month and we loved the thighs!  Use the super cheap Kraft Italian dressing from two weeks ago as a marinade! So Yummy!

Yokes Fresh Friday!

I love Yokes fresh friday! They usually have great deals every week and they did not fail me this week at all : )  Here are the deals going on this friday (9/10)

Yokes Fresh Market Gallon Milk: 1.65 (first 2)

Dole Bananas: 33 cents per pound

Naturally Nested Large Eggs: 1.28 each (first 2)

Pepsi Products 24pk: 4.99 (first 3)

Yokes Fresh Market Hearth Bread: .99 each (first 4)

Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese 2lb Loaf: 4.68 each

81%  Lean Ground Beef: 1.77/lb (woo hoo!)

Boneless Fryer Chicken Breasts: 1.89/lb

Boneless Seasoned Pork Fillets: 2.99/lb (I personally will not be buying this, not cheap enough for me)

Oven Roasted Turkey Breast (in the deli dept): 2.99/lb (this is a good price)

M&M Candy Bars: 3/.99 (first 6)

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